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✅For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 4Cell Battery 15-b142dx 14-b120dx 15-b119wm 15-b123cl

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SKU : 134027889795 Category : Laptop Batteries

Compatible Model: For HP Pavilion 14 Laptop Series For HP Pavilion 14t Series For HP Pavilion 14z Series For HP Pavilion 15 Series For HP Pavilion 15t Series For HP Pavilion 15z Series 14-b109wm 14-b124us 14-b137ca 14-b150us 14-b173cl For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000, 14-b000eo, 14-b000ex, 14-b000sg For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ss, 14-b000sx, 14-b001au, 14-b001ea For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b001ek, 14-b001sa, 14-b001tx, 14-b002au For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b002ea, 14-b002eo, 14-b002sk, 14-b002tx For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b003au, 14-b005au, 14-b006au, 14-b006tu 14-b008tu, 14-b009tu, 14-b010au, 14-b010tu 14-b010us, 14-b012tu, 14-b013au, 14-b013cl Compatible Part Number: For HP Spare 694864-851, 695192-001, H4Q45AA, HSTNN-YB4D, HSTNN-YB4M, VK04, TPN Q113, TPN Q114, TPN Q115.

Additional Information
Battery Capacity 37Wh
Battery Type Li-Ion
Brand Unbranded/Generic
Color Black
Compatible Brand For HP
Compatible Model For HP Pavilion 14 14t 14z 15 15t 15z Series
Compatible Model 2 14-b109wm 14-b124us 14-b137ca 14-b150us 14-b173cl
Compatible Model 3 For HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000, 14-b000eo, 14-b000ex
Compatible Model 4 14-b000sg, 14-b000ss, 14-b000sx, 14-b001au, 14-b001ea, 14-b001ek
Compatible Model 5 14-b001sa, 14-b001tx, 14-b002au, 14-b002ea, 14-b002eo, 14-b002sk
Compatible Model 6 14-b002tx, 14-b003au, 14-b005au, 14-b006au, 14-b006tu, 14-b008tu
Compatible Model 7 14-b009tu, 14-b010au, 14-b010tu, 14-b010us, 14-b012tu, 14-b013au
Compatible Model 8 14-b013cl, 14-b013nr, 14-b014au, 14-b014tu, 14-b015dx, 14-b017cl
Compatible Model 9 14-b017nr, 14-b019us, 14-b020es, 14-b022au, 14-b023au, 14-b023tu
Compatible Part Numbers 694864-851, 695192-001, H4Q45AA, HSTNN-YB4D, HSTNN-YB4M
Compatible Part Numbers 2 VK04, TPN Q113, TPN Q114, TPN Q115
Compatible Product Line For HP Pavilion
MPN Does not apply
Manufacturer Warranty 5 years
Number of Battery Cells 4
Type AC & DC
UPC Does not apply
Voltage 14.4V (Compatible with 14.8V)